Knowledge about "cotton line blend fabric"

2017-05-05 17:07:41

  Cotton linen blend fabric gains popularity in 2016 and becomes the main fabric choice for those branded clothing company because it is a kind of natural and environment-friendly fabric. Compared with other fabrics, cotton linen blend fabric has more advantages.

  Linen is made of flax. Flax is non-perennial plant. Flax could be 1m in tall, with slender stems, the stem is only 2mm diameter. In order to survive, flax needs to absorb abundant water. Its ability to absorb and transport water makes linen clothes has the ability to absorb sweat and dry rapidly. Linens breathability, hygroscopicity, coolness could make human body feel 4-8 degree centigrade lower than other textile at room temperature. Thus, it is called natural air-condition. What is more, there are some other characteristics of linen that is good for health: clean, comfortable, bacteria-proof.

  Cotton linen blend fabric is environment-friendly, ventilated, comfortable, washable. It absorbs and loses water quickly and gets softer the more it is washed. It is not easy to shrink, it has good shape preserving ability. No matter wet or dry, its flexibility and abrasion resistance are excellent. There is no doubt that cotton linen blend fabric becomes so popular since adopting natural low-carbon fibers is the tendency in international textile.

  As a kind of natural fiber, flax is really demanding on planting condition. Short growth period, high price, biodegradable, recyclable in every production period, linen is the first choice for environment-friendly fabric.