Our company took part in the activity in Huamei Kongjian

On December 24th, 2016, our company took part in the activity in Huamei Kongjian. It is a Christmas revels consisting of culture, brands, movies,  concerts, new media,etc..

Creative trunk fair, abundant parent-child interactive activities, all kinds of small items full of aesthetic feeling, losing yourself in the beautiful music, shuttling between the exquisite items, it is really a visual and auditory pageant.
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Going through the corridor with time marked on the floor, a sense of coming from past to present comes out, passing the stair with a butterfly-shaped construction above, a romantic, poetic Christmas is there waiting for you to share with your loved ones. After the wholesale visit, bringing home a piece of DIY Christmas tree to decorate your house will be meaningful.
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3 Popular Knitwear

3 Popular Knitwear
Today I would like to introduce three designs which are so popular that they are out of stock and we are going to make them into a mass production.

The first design is a girls sweater with star patterns on it. With the contract-color star patterns on it, this girls sweater will definitely make your girls sparking in the crowd. Made of 100% cotton, this girls clothes is really soft and skin-friendly for your girls.
图片2 图片1

Another two designs are for boys. One is a round neck knitted sweater and another one is v-neck knitwear with contract-color design on the neckline. The round neck with button design is convenient for kids to put on and take off, a small pocket on the chest adds some cuteness to it. The v-neck sweater have two colors to choose, same as the round neck knitwear: dark blue and light gray. Match this two designs of knitwear with a piece of shirt inside, a small gentleman created.

图片3 图片4 图片5 图片6

Waterproof Imported Italian 100% Wool Custom-made Parent-child Suit

Waterproof Imported Italian 100% Wool Custom-made Parent-child Suit
In recent years, more and more people are interested in natural raw material blended fabric with special functions. Natural raw material(e.g. 100% wool) + function(e.g. waterproof) is the trend of the apparel industry in the future.
Clothes made of waterproof yarn is the high-end custom-made new design in 2016 Mini Phoebee series. Simple design, bright color, it is easy to matched with other clothes. These waterproof 100% wool parent-child suits is the best choice for keeping warm when going outside.


Parent-child(boy) suit
Two pieces of scarves for parents and one piece of clothes for boy, contract color scarves have the same color as the boy’s clothes: vermilion and dark ivory. The boy’s sweater combined with a piece of shirt inside will be perfect. Parents with two scarves, boys in this wool knitted sweater, what a harmonious and eye-catching scene.

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Parent-child(girl) suit
Red suit, it is a perfect choice for wedding and the jubilant Spring Festival. In China, red symbolizes auspiciousness, passion, hope, people in red will light up our eyes immediately. For this design, another color available: ivory. Unlike red suit, the best choice for jubilant occasion, this ivory suit is perfect for casual daily life.

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See more about girls knitted cardigans, boys pullover sweaters, kids warm winter sweater at www.miniphoebee.com.



It is the direction for Mini Phoebee to go ahead in the future.

Today, we could not help introducing you one of France kids clothing brands- Bonpoint because we are deeply moved by its spirit of everlastingly pursuing beauty and perfection.
Small cherry is the logo of Bonpoint, it is also a nickname of its brand. Unique, micromesh and precise craft combined with perfect proportion, exquisitely-selected raw material, particular print, special color and incomparable embellishment, all these features leads to its unrivaled details. It is the direction for Mini Phoebee to go ahead in the future. Mini Phoebee will emphasize model developing, craft detail and special craft and spare no effort to be the guide of our industry.
Some photos below to show you Bonpoint’s 17ss show. You could find many celebrities’ kids in the show. Such as: Son of Deputy editor of Harper’s Bazaar, Chinese famous actor Huanglei’s daughter, editor of Chinese version Vogue-Angelica Cheung, her daughter-Hayley, Chinese Actress Meiting’s daughter etc.
Behind the delicate items, it is craftsman’s hard work and industrious sweat. Mini Phoebee highly recommends Bonpoint’s skincare series, perfume series, and its floral item series. Its floral raw materials are developed by Liberty and artist worldwide.

We specialize in the design, production and sales of knitted children’s series, little girls sweater dresses, cardigan for toddler kids etc.,

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You should have a Merino Wool Sweater!

Made of 100% Merino wool, this cardigan is a must-have item in your wardrobe. Imported Italian wool has a fantastic touch feeling, soft and comfortable. It has a good ability to keep warm in cool spring/autumn. The drop shoulder design makes it full of casual sense. You could wear it alone or match it with a piece of clothes inside, it is really a joker. 12gg knitting, not too thick and not too thin, it fits for the cool spring and autumn perfectly. Mini Phoebee offers merino wool sweater for girls, Perfect quality control,good quality and 100% no worry after-sell service.

If you’ve never owned Merino wool, you’re missing out.  Up until just a couple of years ago, I hadn’t owned any either and to be honest, I didn’t think I needed to.  My trusty cotton Long Johns that I had worn my entire life were doing a fine job and the price tag alone on a Merino shirt was enough for me to look the other way.  My first set of Merino base layers were given to me by the company I work for so I kind of lucked out in that I didn’t have to spend a wad of cash just to see if I liked them or not.

There are a ton of forums, retail descriptions, and blogs about what Merino wool is, where it comes from, and how the wool is made and as much as I’d like to dive into that stuff, I’d rather just tell you about my experiences and let you make the decision on whether or not you may benefit from a set of your own (which I promise you would).  The main thing you need to know about the fabric is that Merino wool comes from the Merino Sheep, is softer than regular wool, and is an excellent substitute for cotton.  Merino wool can come in many different colors, blends, and textures depending on what you’re looking for so if you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by wool fibers then you should look into more of a Merino blend rather than pure Merino.  Keep in mind, the more pure the wool is the better its properties.  Blends have a tendency to stink a bit more, but it’ll certainly be better than cotton ever would be!

So why is Merino so great?  For starters it won’t zap the heat from your body when it’s wet, it will keep you cool when you’re hot, warm when it’s cold, and it’s antimicrobial which means it’s less prone to smell after a long weekend of hiking.  If you currently wear a cotton base layer or shirt when hiking or backpacking, you’ve probably experienced the hot and cold flashes that make it difficult to regulate your body temperature.  Add a fleece sweater into the mix, and you’ll find yourself battling being too hot or too cold all day long.  Thus is the cycle with cotton and fleece but not so much with Merino.

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Mini Phoebee held a kids’ dressing show with Haolai Photography Studio.

Nowadays, more and more mums pay attention to the taste cultivation of their kids. On June 4th, to develop kids’ dressing cognition and dressing taste, Mini Phoebee held a kids’ dressing show with Haolai Photography Studio. Mums dressed their kids elaborately according to what they learnt from the activity and then kids walked around to show their dressing results. Kids lost themselves in the activity and laughter could be heard here and there. From this joyful parents-child activity, kids gained happiness and some basic knowledge of dressing matching and mums learnt a lot, too.

At the beginning of the activity, Mini Phoebee’s founder Maggie shared us apparel fabric knowledge. Natural raw materials such as: cotton, linen, wool, cashmere are the premium choices. Superior fabric contributes a lot to the comfort index and clothes’ shape-preserving ability. Natural raw material with soft touch and health characteristic is absolutely the first choice for mums when choosing clothes for their kids. Take knitwear for example, the producing craft even the whole industrial chain is environment-friendly. Mini Phoebee happens to be a company specialized in designing and producing cardigan for toddler kids, comfort and health for kids is our lasting pursue.

According to the activity feedback, it is really helpful for mums and kids. Learning some fabric knowledge could not only help mums choose fabric fit for their kids, but also improve their dressing taste. Except fabric knowledge, Maggie also shared some testing information about GB 31701-2015 compulsory provision in “The safety technical code for infants and children textile products”. The provision came into effect on June 1st ,2016. It specifies string/band on the head, shoulder, waist and all other parts on kids clothes. It stipulates strings are not allowed on the clothes for infants and kids under 7 years old. it also asks for stretching resistance on accessories and sharp pointed edges on the clothes are forbidden.

Then, Mini Phoebee’s designer Chenyu shared some basic knowledge of apparel color matching and principles of apparel style. Chenyu took color wheel for reference, she advocates to adopt the adjacent colors to create a sense of softness and nature and French style color matching is what she emphasizes. It is a little bit difficult to understand the speech completely for a layman.  In brief, 3 color matching principles: 1. Dark color clothes should be decorated with a small piece of light color items. 2. Less than 3 colors on our body when dressing. 3. Dark color clothes such as: black, gray and blue clothes could also be acceptable for kids so long as it matches with a small piece of light color items, such matching style could also be really eye-catching.

In addition, Mini Phoebee invited Haolai Photography Studio’s photographer JermineCh to introduce how to take photos for kids. He shared us the photographing angles and photographing methods. He said that kids photos with smile, cry, anger, happiness etc. will be precious and sweet memories for kids when they grow up.

This activity is Mini Phoebee’s first round model selection and we will hold the second one on August. If your child happens to be with 115-125cm height and if you would like to offer him/her a chance to show himself/herself, then grasp your mobile phone and add our wechat(13859916346) to register. You could also reply with your baby name, height and your phone to this official account.

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Mini Phoebee’s agents in Taiwan, HongKong and Singapore Wanted

Mini Phoebee is a company specialized in designing and producing knitted clothes for 2-8 years old kids. With constant sticking to high quality and lasting pursuing after aesthetic perception, Mini Phoebee devotes itself to create every detail with comfortable raw material and exquisite craft. It strives to convey natural and leisure life attitude and create an artistic and dreamlike world for kids.

1.Local Registered stores or local stores with their own brands, having some stores to display products, shops with several years experience in selling kids apparel or kids accessories will be preferable.
2.Welcome those who are in design professions or those who are sensitive to artistic items to be Mini Phoebee’s agents.

MINI PHOEBE produces little girls sweater dresses,boys pullover sweaters etc. Order today for fast shipping,wholesale pricing and superior service.

For more information, please visit:
Official Website: www.miniphoebee.com
Taobao Store: http://phoebeekids.taotao.com

Please contact us for more information about being our agent
Contact Person: Maggie                    Phone No.: 0592-5753719
Wechat: 13859916346                     Email: maggie.chen@phoebeekids.com
Address: RM 4G-H, No.10-12, Huli Avenue, Huli District, Xiamen, China.

Mini Phoebee 2016 Cotton Linen Blend New Series

Last week, we introduced the advantages and characteristics of cotton linen blend fabric. This week come images. Persistence to design philosophy, exquisite selection of color, insisting on craft and details, all these are Mini Phoebee’s constant pursuit.

T shirt designs for girls
Design Philosophy
Simple box-shape design, off-white shell buttons on the small opening of the back neck, loose waist design, combined with Mini Phoebee skirt, a sense of elegance and romance comes out. Elaborate selection of pink series presents its high quality and heavy feeling well.

Craft details:
1.Small opening on the back neck, off-white shell buttons, every detail contributes to its perfect embellishment.
2.Loose waist design and contractive bottom could hide kids’ belly well.
3.16gg cotton linen blend one-ply yarn is demanding on the craft. Clothes made by such craft is breathable, sweat-absorbent and has a good shape-preserving ability.

Boys pullover sweaters
Knitted polo t-shirt is fit for wearing at school, it breaks polo neck’s orthodox stereotype, casual wearing is also appropriate. Light blue is the color for scorching summer. Contrast color embellishments on the small pocket, neckline, sleeve opening, bottom add uniqueness to this t-shirt. Two buttons in the front make it have a sense of maturity, this design could be made as a adult clothes. In the meanwhile, button design is also convenient for those kids with larger heads to put on and take off.

Craft details:
1. 16gg one-ply yarn, not thick and not thin, breathable, fit for wearing in summer.
2. Super thin rib design on the neck and top fly enables neck and top fly have heavy feeling and perfect three-dimentional sense.
3.Natural off-white shell buttons, it tells its high quality.
4. Contrast color pocket, the fish mouth shape on it is adorable.

To show its breathable characteristics and its comfort, our designer did something to it when took photos. It seems thin, but in fact, it has a sense of heavy feeling and its quality is excellent. Next week, we will introduce adult clothes of this design. Please follow us.

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About Cotton linen blend fabric

Cotton linen blend fabric gains popularity in 2016 and becomes the main fabric choice for those branded clothing company because it is a kind of natural and environment-friendly fabric. Compared with other fabrics, cotton linen blend fabric has more advantages.

Linen is made of flax. Flax is non-perennial plant. Flax could be 1m in tall, with slender stems, the stem is only 2mm diameter. In order to survive, flax needs to absorb abundant water. Its ability to absorb and transport water makes linen clothes has the ability to absorb sweat and dry rapidly. Linen’s breathability, hygroscopicity, coolness could make human body feel 4-8 degree centigrade lower than other textile at room temperature. Thus, it is called “natural air-condition”. What is more, there are some other characteristics of linen that is good for health: clean, comfortable, bacteria-proof.

Cotton linen blend fabric is environment-friendly, ventilated, comfortable, washable. It absorbs and loses water quickly and gets softer the more it is washed. It is not easy to shrink, it has good shape preserving ability. No matter wet or dry, its flexibility and abrasion resistance are excellent. There is no doubt that cotton linen blend fabric becomes so popular since adopting natural low-carbon fibers is the tendency in international textile.

As a kind of natural fiber, flax is really demanding on planting condition. Short growth period, high price, biodegradable, recyclable in every production period, linen is the first choice for environment-friendly fabric.

This kids cotton short is made of 100% cotton. ykk zipper ,red short panties for kids,kids girls shorts. Although it is thick, the raw material makes it has a good ability to absorb sweat in the scorching summer and in the meanwhile the thickness characteristic adds some durability to it. Ventilated and loose shorts hem, classic waist pleat, high quality ykk zipper, convenient hidden adjustable strainer, French seam on the waist, all those features add some uniqueness and convenience to the shorts. It could be worn in summer or worn in cool fall and cold winter combined with a piece of coated socks. Ten colors available offers enough choice for customers. Although it is unisex, but it fits better for girls than boys.

Find the latest range of Boys Cotton Shorts at www.miniphoebee.com today.

Girls Floral Print Dress

Mini Phoebee 2016 tatting series is distinctive with customized pattern fabric from England. Heave feeling, excellent abrasion resistance, amazing shape-preserving performance and terrific touch, all these features make it to be a highly sought after series. Those fabric is a great choice for producing classic English style and Japanese style dress.

This checked Girls Floral Print Dress has a great wearing visual effect. Nifty and lovely fold designs on the neck and sleeve opening well present kids naivety and innocence. Small plaits in the front of the dress could hide the girls belly subtly. It would be better for girls wearing it with a piece safety pants.

The following series is full of strong sense of literature and art no matter its design or its color matching. It is designed by an artistic designer? Yes, you got it. Now, original design children clothing are favored by more and more individuality-pursuing and good taste moms. We are short of stock now, if you like our clothes, act quickly.

T-shirt with floral skirt, t-shirt with checked skirt, fresh, lovely, comfortable and beautiful, it is a good choice for those moms with good taste and emphasize wearing comfort. In order to design an attractive series, our designer spared no effort to design them. Only those apparel professionals could understand its complicated processes.

Visit our official website http://www.miniphoebee.com/Dress_c62_2, Taobao website and showroom to pick what you like. You could also join our design brainstorm to design clothes for your own kids. Your suggestions are highly appreciated. Your satisfaction is our lasting pursuit.

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