Kids Clothes in the eyes of Mini Phoebee

2017-05-05 18:11:23

Today, we could not help introducing you one of France kids clothing brands- Bonpoint because we are deeply moved by its spirit of everlastingly pursuing beauty and perfection.

Small cherry is the logo of Bonpoint, it is also a nickname of its brand. Unique, micromesh and precise craft combined with perfect proportion, exquisitely-selected raw material, particular print, special color and incomparable embellishment, all these features leads to its unrivaled details. It is the direction for Mini Phoebee to go ahead in the future. Mini Phoebee will emphasize model developing, craft detail and special craft and spare no effort to be the guide of our industry.

Some photos below to show you Bonpoints 17ss show. You could find many celebrities kids in the show. Such as: Son of Deputy editor of Harpers Bazaar, Chinese famous actor Huangleis daughter, editor of Chinese version Vogue-Angelica Cheung, her daughter-Hayley, Chinese Actress Meitings daughter etc.

Behind the delicate items, it is craftsmans hard work and industrious sweat. Mini Phoebee highly recommends Bonpoints skincare series, perfume series, and its floral item series. Its floral raw materials are developed by Liberty and artist worldwide.