Knowledge about "Cotton“

2017-05-05 15:35:19


  There is so much knowledge about cotton besides its well-known information---it is a kind of common-used raw material in textile. Actually, cotton has a wide range of application and a variety of classification. Its application and classification is associated with its country of origin, climate in the country of origin etc. Classified by the country of origin, there are Turkey cotton, America cotton, Australia cotton, Xinjiang cotton, India cotton, Pakistan cotton and so on. Among them, America cotton, Australia cotton and Xinjiang cotton are better.


  Take MUJI for example, Most of MUJI cotton clothes are made in China (some are in Turkey), but its new series MUJI Labo are made in Japan instead of Shandong (its premier country of origin). In my opinion, it has something to do with Chinese production craft and its finishing technique could not make sure satisfied cotton density and intensity. At present, domestic textile manufacturing equipment has reached the leading level, however, its traditional craft could not produce satisfied products. Now, more and more consumers favor traditional craft and handmade items. It is a reason why retro styles become popular.


  From cotton to manufacturing equipment then to craft and then printing dying, until the final process---finishing, all these processes ask for rich experience and a perfect mastery of skill.

  This Mini Phoebee girls clothes' dandelion material is customized new pattern from an English designer. 32s count and fine density leads to its heavy feeling, excellent abrasion resistance, amazing shape-preserving performance and terrific touch.


  The wearing criterion for innocent and lovely kids is simple and casual since it is the best way to present kids naive nature. If moms pay attention to design, dress collocation and dressing harmony, their kids could be the eye-catching one in the crowd. Simple but remarkable---detail focused, low-key and non-conformity---individuality emphasized. That is what Mini Phoebee pursues.


  Mom is the best teacher for kids. Moms dressing taste and dress collocation philosophy could influence their kids subtly. Ones dressing style could tell a lot: taste, hobby and even personality. Most industries could judge whether a candidate is qualified or not by his or her dressing in the future. There is no exaggeration that it is vital for kids to learn and have their own dressing taste and dress collocation philosophy. It is moms task to cultivate their childrens garment matching ability if they are emphasized on civilization education.


  Simple but remarkable---detail-focused, low-key and non-conformity---individuality emphasized. ---Mini Phoebees dress collocation, follow our official account, learn apparel taste and fabric knowledge with Maggie weekly.