Mini Phoebee 2016 Cotton Linen Blend New Series Boys and Girls T-shirt

2017-05-05 17:13:15

Mini Phoebee 2016 Cotton Linen Blend New Series


Last week, we introduced the advantages and characteristics of cotton linen blend fabric. This week come images. Persistence to design philosophy, exquisite selection of color, insisting on craft and details, all these are Mini Phoebee's constant pursuit.


T shirt designs for girls

Design Philosophy

Simple box-shape design, off-white shell buttons on the small opening of the back neck, loose waist design, combined with Mini Phoebee skirt, a sense of elegance and romance comes out. Elaborate selection of pink series presents its high quality and heavy feeling well.


Craft details:

1.Small opening on the back neck, off-white shell buttons, every detail contributes to its perfect embellishment.

2.Loose waist design and contractive bottom could hide kids belly well.

3.16gg cotton linen blend one-ply yarn is demanding on the craft. Clothes made by such craft is breathable, sweat-absorbent and has a good shape-preserving ability.


Boys pullover sweaters

Knitted polo boys t-shirt is fit for wearing at school, it breaks polo necks orthodox stereotype, casual wearing is also appropriate. Light blue is the color for scorching summer. Contrast color embellishments on the small pocket, neckline, sleeve opening, bottom add uniqueness to this t-shirt. Two buttons in the front make it have a sense of maturity, this design could be made as a adult clothes. In the meanwhile, button design is also convenient for those kids with larger heads to put on and take off.


Craft details:

1. 16gg one-ply yarn, not thick and not thin, breathable, fit for wearing in summer.

2. Super thin rib design on the neck and top fly enables neck and top fly have heavy feeling and perfect three-dimentional sense.

3.Natural off-white shell buttons, it tells its high quality.

4. Contrast color pocket, the fish mouth shape on it is adorable.


To show its breathable characteristics and its comfort, our designer did something to it when took photos. It seems thin, but in fact, it has a sense of heavy feeling and its quality is excellent. Next week, we will introduce adult clothes of this design. Please follow us.