Mini Phoebee 2016 Printing Series Summer Clothes for Girls

2017-05-05 16:28:41

  Mini Phoebee 2016 tatting series is distinctive with customized pattern fabric from England. Heave feeling, excellent abrasion resistance, amazing shape-preserving performance and terrific touch, all these features make it to be a highly sought after series. Those fabric is a great choice for producing classic English style and Japanese style dress. Girls Dresses below made of floral fabric are quite popular in summer.


  This checked cotton kids girls dress has a great wearing visual effect. Nifty and lovely fold designs on the neck and sleeve opening well present kids naivety and innocence. Small plaits in the front of the dress could hide the girls belly subtly. It would be better for girls wearing it with a piece safety pants.


  The following girls t shirts series is full of strong sense of literature and art no matter its design or its color matching. It is designed by an artistic designer? Yes, you got it. Now, original design children clothing are favored by more and more individuality-pursuing and good taste moms. We are short of stock now, if you like our clothes, act soon.


  T-shirt with floral skirt, t-shirt with checked skirt, fresh, lovely, comfortable and beautiful, it is a good choice for those moms with good taste and emphasize wearing comfort. In order to design an attractive series, our designer spared no effort to design them. Only those apparel professionals could understand its complicated processes.


  Visit our official website, Taobao website and showroom to pick what you like. You could also join our design brainstorm to design clothes for your own kids. Your suggestions are highly appreciated. Your satisfaction is our lasting pursuit.