Mini Phoebee Model Show

2017-05-05 17:40:59

Nowadays, more and more mums pay attention to the taste cultivation of their kids. On June 4th, to develop kids dressing cognition and dressing taste, Mini Phoebee held a kids dressing show with Haolai Photography Studio. Mums dressed their kids elaborately according to what they learnt from the activity and then kids walked around to show their dressing results. Kids lost themselves in the activity and laughter could be heard here and there. From this joyful parents-child activity, kids gained happiness and some basic knowledge of dressing matching and mums learnt a lot, too.


At the beginning of the activity, Mini Phoebees founder Maggie shared us apparel fabric knowledge. Natural raw materials such as: cotton, linen, wool, cashmere are the premium choices. Superior fabric contributes a lot to the comfort index and clothes shape-preserving ability. Natural raw material with soft touch and health characteristic is absolutely the first choice for mums when choosing clothes for kids. Take knitwear for example, the producing craft even the whole industrial chain is environment-friendly. Mini Phoebee happens to be a company specialized in designing and producing kids knitted clothes, comfort and health for kids is our lasting pursue. According to the activity feedback, it is really helpful for mums and kids. Learning some fabric knowledge could not only help mums choose fabric fit for their kids, but also improve their dressing taste. Except fabric knowledge, Maggie also shared some testing information about GB 31701-2015 compulsory provision in The safety technical code for infants and children textile products. The provision came into effect on June 1st ,2016. It specifies string/band on the head, shoulder, waist and all other parts on kids clothes. It stipulates strings are not allowed on the clothes for infants and kids under 7 years old. it also asks for stretching resistance on accessories and sharp pointed edges on the children clothes are forbidden.


Then, Mini Phoebees designer Chenyu shared some basic knowledge of apparel color matching and principles of apparel style. Chenyu took color wheel for reference, she advocates to adopt the adjacent colors to create a sense of softness and nature and French style color matching is what she emphasizes. It is a little bit difficult to understand the speech completely for a layman.  In brief, 3 color matching principles: 1. Dark color clothes should be decorated with a small piece of light color items. 2. Less than 3 colors on our body when dressing. 3. Dark color clothes such as: black, gray and blue clothes could also be acceptable for kids so long as it matches with a small piece of light color items, such matching style could also be really eye-catching.


In addition, Mini Phoebee invited Haolai Photography Studios photographer JermineCh to introduce how to take photos for kids. He shared us the photographing angles and photographing methods. He said that kids photos with smile, cry, anger, happiness etc. will be precious and sweet memories for kids when they grow up.


This activity is Mini Phoebees first round model selection and we will hold the second one on August. If your child happens to be with 115-125cm height and if you would like to offer him/her a chance to show himself/herself, then grasp your mobile phone and add our wechat(13859916346) to register. You could also reply with your baby name, height and your phone to this official account.