Mini Phoebee Model Show

2017-08-02 18:26:10

    On May 28th , We held an activity with a dancing training organization Dawu. Those small models from Dawu presented us an awesome model show with our kids clothes. 


   On that day, everybody in our company was exciting about it and we came to the office early even if it was during Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Our founder bought some flowers for decoration. We made some headwear for kids to wear for the model show. After the preparation, then it came to the most difficult part---dressing those kids.

    We prepared clothes for kids at the night before May 28th according to their height and weight and marked their names on the clothes. We thought it would be much easier for us to dress them, but as you know, when it comes to kids, there are always unexpected things waiting for you. When we put clothes before them, at first, everything was in order, but it wasnt long before everything went out of control. When kids came together to us for the clothes, we found that it was really beyond our ability to handle it. They kept talking, asking questions, they asked for changing clothes designs, sizes. Whats worse, some parents joined in to make everything more complicated. We havent finished the matching of clothes for children until 10 minutes before the activity.

    What is lucky is that when the activity began, everything went well. Those children dressed themselves well by themselves or by their parents. Before the model show, they walked around to show their new clothes, it seems that everyone believes that the clothes on them is the most beautiful one. Laughter could be heard here and there, look at their faces, how innocent they are and what beautiful smile they have. Although they had been trained for the model show by their teachers, funny things happened. A girl walked on the stage with another girl, when she planed to turn back, another girl still walked ahead, so the girl was pulled by her companion to walk another short distances. A boy with his dog walked on the stage, it is unlucky that the dog was not so cooperative, he pulled his dog so hard to finish the show and made a gesture hastily. Such kind of funny things happened everywhere on the stage, those fairies brought a lot of laughter to us.

    Mini Phoebee, a kids clothing company emphasizing on children clothes with natural raw material will hold such kind of activities for kids and parents in the following days. We will always with you in the future and provide high quality children clothing to assure the health of your kids.