Waterproof Imported Italian 100% Wool Custom-made Parent-child Suit

2017-05-05 18:20:32

  In recent years, more and more people are interested in natural raw material blended fabric with special functions. Natural raw material(e.g. 100% wool) + function(e.g. waterproof) is the trend of the apparel industry in the future.

  Clothes made of waterproof yarn is the high-end custom-made new design in 2016 Mini Phoebee series. Simple design, bright color, it is easy to matched with other clothes. These waterproof 100% wool parent-child suits is the best choice for keeping warm when going outside.

Parent-child(boy) suit

  Two pieces of scarves for parents and one piece of clothes for boy, contract color scarves have the same color as the boys clothes: vermilion and dark ivory. The boys sweater combined with a piece of shirt inside will be perfect. Parents with two scarves, boys in this wool knitted sweater, what a harmonious and eye-catching scene.

Parent-child(girl) suit

  Red suit, it is a perfect choice for wedding and the jubilant Spring Festival. In China, red symbolizes auspiciousness, passion, hope, people in red will light up our eyes immediately. For this design, another color available: ivory. Unlike red suit, the best choice for jubilant occasion, this ivory suit is perfect for casual daily life.